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The Sunway Velocity 2 Is The New Investment You Are Looking For

The Sunway Velocity 2: The Best Investment In Malaysia In 2020?

sunway velocity 2

Sunway Velocity 2, This recently developed, new project with new facilities, innovation, and development. According to NST The project has always been a very prime location to invest as it located in the middle of MRT and LRT stations. The proximity to these stations somewhat assists in linking the bridge of development with a strong project. The previous project was a huge success as well with it being a residential apartment, it also consisted of a shopping mall, a hotel as well as a medical center. The previous project had almost every famous outlet in its vicinity making it more of a huge success. S for this project it has access to even more amenities that one can imagine.

Endless Discount

Sunway velocity 1, while being at a very extensive and prime location in Kuala Lumpur was sold at a highly cheaper rate facilitating its customers to the core. Keeping in mind the prices of our project one, the prices of Sunway velocity 2 is kept even lower. What else can one dream for? This is once in a lifetime opportunity for those who are willing to avail. The only difference in price is due to the project one being a freehold project while the latter is leasehold. Due to this reason, a discount of almost 3 percent is being offered for the same project in the same vicinity at a considerably lower price.

More Discounts

The list of discounts continues to go on. There are multiple more discounts being offered under the same head which makes up to almost 40 percent coverage. This deal is too good to be true. If still, one is not able to do the logical calculations and decide whether or not to invest, they will be letting go of a huge offer that will not come their way anytime soon.

Supplementary Income

The rental income earned from the unit you will be purchasing will easily give you an amount of RM2400 per month which is another great deal. This will not only increase your income but you will also have the ownership of your own unit it is in a cheaper rate. On the other hand, you will be earning back at a considerably slower rate but it will make up for the investment gradually.

Make Your Mind

Considering all the discounts, facilities, and ownership of the unit at a prime location this is the year’s most reasonable and remarkable opportunity. The facilities one can enjoy from the project are endless. If one does not plan on getting it for themselves they can purely take it as an investment point of view and start earning back the amount they have invested.

The project of Sunway velocity 1 is such a huge success for anyone who wants to consider it as an example. Getting a similar unit with all the endless discounts and the investment is not at all a bad opportunity that one should let off easily. This makes the project as one of the best offers in 2020.

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