Razak City Residence

Razak City Residence Still Selling Like Crazy (2020)

Razak City Residence Still Selling Like Crazy

Razak City Residence

The project is located across Bandar Malaysia; According to The Star RC Residence is still making a huge business for itself. The foundation work for phase one, phase two and phase three have been completed. Monthly they have been selling almost 200 units which are an achievement in itself. The charismatic factor for the project is its price and prime location which is the reason why they have sold nearly seventy-five units in the time of a week.

Proximity To Bandar Malaysia

The project’s proximity to Bandar Malaysia, which is indeed a very good plan which if led successfully, can create a lot of development in the times to come. The connection of the project with Bandar Malaysia has been a game-changer since rapid development is taking place there which increases the demand for their project as well. This project was to have a forty-eight story building. With an 80 sq ft for a unit which will typically have three bedroom and three bathrooms. The pricing for the project starts from RM358,800. The benefactor for the project was the development of Bandar Malaysia which they have highly used for promotion.

This project understands the never-ending needs of the people; not only it understands the needs but caters them well enough by creating a flexible living environment with all kinds of facilities right at the doorstep. The facilities provided are so diversified in nature that a person who has been married recently, a full happy family or even separate bachelor working professionals can enjoy their life in this project peacefully.

Highly Connected Project

The connectivity provides to various highways is tremendously important. The man center Bandar Malaysia which I critically important for its future connectivity will help us built a more feasible, safe and well-connected society for our people were they can enjoy all the luxury of life.

Convenience Luxurious Lifestyle

The RC Residency offers convenient living opportunity, they also offer furnished apartments ready for individuals to just move in with their bags, this I just one example they have been offering various distinct and unimaginable facilities and reasons as to why an individual should choose them for their best in the future, how will they serve him or her I the near future through any possible means. The people who are logical enough and can study the map the facilities the link and connections thoroughly can easily imagine how yielding investment in this project will be in the near future for them. This is one reason why the number of units sold every month by our project tends to increase. From schools to universities, from shopping malls to grocery stores everything is located in the vicinity of our project. One investment on time can create a future that one can only dream of. The value we give to our customers is highly acknowledged and appreciated.

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