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M Luna Review : Affordable and Quality Dwellings in Malaysia

M Luna: Affordable and Luxury Villa In Kepong Metropolitan Park

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If you are looking for an affordable serviced apartment in Malaysia, go ahead to M Luna. M-Luna is the newest apartment development project situated at the heart of Kepong. This 5.47 acres housing structure is strategically located near Kepong Metropolitan Park and next to the Forest Research Institute Malaysia. For nature lovers, M Luna would surely be a relief as the property overlooks the Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve.


Interested to know more facts about M Luna? No worries. We did the research for you. The following are more significant facts about M Luna that you must know.


  • Room Size. 

M Luna provides a wide array of rooms suited for young professionals and small families. M-Luna’s architecture follows a ‘luxurious yet affordable’ design, which greatly captivates ordinary citizens in Malaysia. Units in this property are all affordable that regular working citizens could afford. You can choose from two-room up to four-room units with a spacious area anywhere between 700 sq. ft. to 1,000 sq. ft.

  • Strategic Site. 

As mentioned earlier, M Luna is strategically located at Kepong, Malaysia. Going to major cities in Malaysia is not a problem as M Luna is connected to major thoroughfares. It is also located near to the Metro Prima MRT2 station, Taman Wahyu KTM station, and Kepong Baro MRT2 station. Recreation is not a problem as well because this serviced apartment is close to the famous Kepong Metropolitan Park. Also, It is just 100-meter away from a 140-acre lake in Kepong. For students, M-Luna is a perfect place to stay as it is near to some of the world’s most famous national, Chinese, and international schools.

  • Facilities.  

M Luna is just perfect for health enthusiasts as it operates over 35 lifestyle facilities. Among the crowd-favorite lifestyle and recreational facilities you can find it includes The Splash Zone (with swimming pool, wading pool, cabana, pool deck, water lounge, and daybed), The Meadow Zone (Central Lawn, Amphitheatre, playground), Active Zone (Sunken play lawn, Futsal/ basketball court), The Social Zone (urban farming, BBQ area, party lawn, viewing deck), and the Wellness Zone (yoga lawn, reflexology path, outdoor exercise station, jogging track). With these batteries of amenities, living in M Luna is definitely healthy and fun.

  • Developers. 

Mah Sing developed the 5.47-acre M Luna. Based on reports, the serviced apartment project would hit RM705 million gross development value. According to Datuk Ho Hon Sang, Mah Sing CEO, the main goal of putting up M Luna is to give a chance to the ordinary citizens to own luxurious dwellings at low prices. The CEO stressed that Malaysia needs to ramp up its low-cost housing campaign to ensure that every citizen owns a high-quality house- and the answer is M Luna service apartments.

  • Architecture and Design. 

While it is true that M Luna is a low-cost serviced apartment project, its architecture would surely break anyone’s neck. M Luna is a 57-storey, high rise serviced apartment consisting of two towers. Luna occupies 5.47 acres and has 1,672 total apartment units. Each unit in M Luna is furnished with water heater and air conditioners, plus 1-2 car parking areas depending on the unit specification. According to the developer of Luna, the target market of this high rise apartment project are the people residing in Taman Selayang, Taman Wahyu, Sentul, Bandar Menjalara, Taman Seri Gombak, Segambut, and Batu Caves. The said places are considered as among the highly-populated areas in Malaysia.

  • Price Range. 

M Luna is a low-cost yet luxurious serviced apartment; hence, you can have your own unit for as low as RM385,000 (700 sq ft). M Luna units’ average price for every sq, feet stands at RM550, while for the maintenance fee, you only have to pay RM0.30 per sq. ft.


 What to Look for When Planning to buy an Apartment Unit


You need to be careful in choosing an apartment unit to buy if you don’t want to waste your money. Here are some of the factors you need to consider if you plan to buy a serviced apartment unit soon.


  • Location.  

Choose an apartment unit that is situated in strategic places. Once you are near the key establishments, your movement will become easier. It will be easier for you to buy what you need, unwind, and even have your health check at the nearest medical facility. So, before you close a deal, check the surrounding establishments of a particular serviced apartment first.

  • Management.

 If you observed that the apartment’s administration is just focusing on beautifying the lawn instead of adding more expansion facilities, there might be a problem. Always remember that a well-managed apartment keeps on expanding. In other words, aside from the lawn, other amenities and facilities beneficial to the residents must also be in place.

  • Check Existing Rents vs. Market.

Don’t eat the bait of some service apartments that offer the lowest rental charges. If a particular apartment is asking charges way to low from the average market range, this is a red flag. It could be that the management could hardly sell their units, and they resorted already to mark down their prices to the extreme. The downside of this is that other facets of the property might be compromised.

  • Track History. 

Find a service apartment with some owners already spent 15-20 years of their lives. If more and more people stay in a serviced property, this means that they are comfortable, and the management is also great. If in case the serviced apartment is just new, just check the history of the developer, and you can gauge things from there.

  • Only Needs TLC.

 Make sure you pay for an apartment that doesn’t need total rehabilitation. This means that by just adding new carpet, paint, shower, appliances, and window blinds, your unit must look luxurious, cozy, and comfortable. 

Finding a perfect serviced apartment is not easy. But with the facts on this article, you should have hints now. If you’re in Malaysia, don’t hesitate to reserve a unit at M-Luna before it becomes too late.

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