Ekovest Plans A Private Placement

Ekovest Plans A Private Placement


Ekovest, a Malaysian company has proposed the idea of a private placement alongside Titiwangsa. This project is considered to be an exceptional choice of place to live in given the many perks it will have once the construction takes place and it is ready for people to live in. The tentative name for this project is EkoTitiwangsa and it is going to be the new River Front Development by the company. 

Why is Ekovest proposing this private placement?

The primary reason for Ekovest to be initiating this placement is to repay the borrowings it has made. It ensures that it’ll be able to gather enough funds to be able to pay back its borrowings and ensure proper development of the project it sets out for. 

The goal is to gather funds of around RM203 million through this private placement project and its shares. The shares that Ekovest assumes it will be able to issue will be around 256 million that will aid in the accumulation of funds for bank repayments and to initiate the development projects it has taken on. 

What does the private placement offer?

With experts involved in the creation of every project of theirs, Ekovest is known to construct high-quality buildings. The private placement, they intend on building, is set to offer you elegant and lavish suites that are surely going to blow your mind. This property, on the Titiwangsa lines, is said to have about 3 buildings of suites that will be accustomed to your needs.

The private placement project is said to be a definition of class with a hint of modernity. Not only are they going to elude a sense of style, but they’re sure to come with a bundle of services that you’re bound to fall in love with! The exterior of the private placement is a sight for sore eyes as you’ll be overwhelmed with the great number of details the construction company has taken care of. With large windows to give way to natural light, the ambiance it creates is sure to be reckoned with. Not only will you have access to one of the most prestigious living spaces in Malaysia, but you’ll also have the access to a shopping mall that is connected to the three blocks that the private placement will hold. 

Is the location right for you?

The location of the private placement proposed by Ekovest is going to benefit you as it lies in the central region of the city. You will have easy access to the highway and other important routes. These will enable you to drive easily with no problems, to and from your workplace. The central location of this private placement brings lots of benefits to you as you will be in the heart of the district, connected to everything that you need with only a small distance. 

The private placement project is going to be exceptional given the high-quality of skills put into constructing it. With keeping your needs in mind, Ekovest provides you with one-of-a-kind placement located in the central region, alongside Titiwangsa. You’re sure to have a pleasant time living here, once everything is in place!        

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